Eat Your Brussels :: 3 Easy Steps

Like many of you, I too was a brussels sprouts hater most of my life. As a child, there were multiple screaming tantrums over the need to eat them that usually ended in me hurling them across the room. Mini cabbage balls? No way, Jose. Now as an adult, I eat a diet rich in greens. A bowl of sauteed spinach for lunch? Grilled broccoli and squash for dinner? Yes please!

Stop cringing. I have weird eating habits. 

This recipe is an entirely different take on brussels than what your mom probably forced you to eat (or throw across the room).  After seeing multiple anti-veggie eaters devour these, I decided it was time to share! 

20120111_Brussel Sprouts-header.jpg

What you'll need ::

1 bag of brussels sprouts

2 shakes of Lawry's seasoned salt  

2 shakes of crushed black pepper

2 circular motions of olive oil

[Disclaimer : I obviously don't measure anything, so the shakes and circles are an approximation. Use your best judgement given your kitchenware and taste!]

Directions :: 

- Wash and clean your brussels.

- Trim the bottoms off and then cut in half length wise. (Keep the leaves that fall off as you do this, you will want to use them, they make great brussel chips.)

- In a skillet, do two circular motions with your olive oil bottle - basically make the letter O twice. 

- Then add two shakes of Lawry's and two shakes of black pepper.

- Place the brussels face down on the skillet. Let them simmer for a minute and then shake the skillet so the heated olive oil and seasoning will get picked up by the brussels. Then continue to let simmer until you notice the face is getting a little black. At that point, using a utensil of choice, flip the brussels over onto their back. They will act like a turtle and try to roll back over, so don't be frightened if they make a 'popping' sound. 

- When they are grilled to your satisfaction, place them in a bowl and serve! Feel free to add bacon bits or parmesan cheese too. I hear a lot of people love those additions. 

20120111_Brussel Sprouts.jpg