Cabin Dreams + Week(end) Roll Call


Coming into the office today I saw loads of commuters with their weekender bags packed and ready to flee the city as the clock hits 5pm. Frankly, it makes me want to jump in a car, grab our friends and head back out to our dream cabin in Maine. I really need to invest in a teleportation machine! 


A glimpse inside the inner workings of my mind this week :: 

- After eyeing pages of inspiring images like these and these..... I've decided I want tear apart and re-do the whole back section of our loft and add a sweet desk / office corner section. If you've ever been to our apartment, this sort of 'tear apart re-arranging' happens often! 

- A new daily read of mine. Am I the last to find her?! 

- After ditching the idea to dip-dyeing eggs and writing names on them (we all know that would turn into an epic mess!).... I decided on these as the perfect name cards for an Easter Brunch. 

- Speaking of brunch, Saturday is our April addition of Blog Brunch (1pm EST // 10am PST). Join us for some amazing talks, tips and tricks on everything 'Blog Design'. Plus, we got super fancy and added a note sheet you can download to use during the brunch! 

- Two of our favorite people are getting hitched next weekend and after realizing my dream dress was too expensive and sold out across the web, I decided to have my own made! Look forward to sharing the DIY process once it's finished. 

- This will be the only time I'll sink to this level, pinky promise, but you absolutely must watch this freakishly adorable video. It will make you squeal from cuteness! 

- Last, but not least, let's play the 'Who Has the Cooler Family?' game. Well, guess what.... I win! And yes, when you get us all in a room together, it is quite the eclectic mix and range of hipster. And it's awesome. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Under Fire + Week(end) Roll Call

I'm sure many of you have picked up my love for music somewhere in my posts, but just in case you haven't..... Hi, I'm Amy, and I am a fan of good tunes. Sharing music is a pastime and will always be a way people come together and connect. My passion on that topic alone could be an entirely separate post of its own!

For today, meet Green River Ordinance - or GRO for short.

February 28th marks the release of their sophomore album, Under Fire,  and I promise it's their best yet. I don't say that just because you may find E and I's wedding song on the album (oh, it's on there!), or because I've watched them develop into an amazing band over the past eight years..... but because they truly made an album that will have something for everyone. Stay tuned!  


Other news I found interesting this week ::

- Stylelist has been killing it on the DIY ideas! I've got some vintage lace that would be perfect for this 'Doly Bowl' DIY

- Are you a font lover/connoisseur? Then check out this site where you can make your very own font out of your handwriting. Great for bloggers and designers.   

- 'What were you doing 1 year ago today?' That is the question that Timehop can answer for you. It's a daily email reminder of just that - what you were doing 1 year ago. Cool idea to take time for a quick reminiscence! 

- Tomorrow is the January edition of Blog Brunch! Join in at 1pm EST tomorrow to chat about collaborations. 

- Collars are the jam. A good studded collar can jazz up any old oxford or granny sweater. Check out these easy DIY collars  via those savvy folks at Refinery 29

- Speaking of those savvy folks at Refinery 29..... thanks to them for helping us busy New Yorkers find a way to roll all of our eating, drinking and alcohol intake into one. Alcoholic soups are apparently the new thing! And I thought alcoholic ice cream was going to be all the rage. I guess one can be for summer and the other for winter! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


VIDEO :: GRO - Under Fire Teaser from Eric Ryan Anderson on Vimeo.

365 Days as a Mrs.

On Sunday Oct. 9th, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We were lucky enough to be upstate along the Hudson on Saturday to go apple picking so we got to swing through our darling Cold Spring, walk down by the water and eat dinner with dear friends.

Cold Spring started as the town where we escaped the city to spend quality time making memories with friends and to get our antique shopping fix, then it was the town where E proposed and then it became the town where we would say 'I Do' in the little church on the hill. Now, it is the town we will forever visit and will have a place in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Our video and pictures still make me tear up!

Thinking back on that day, it might honestly have been the best day I could've ever imagined. The night before, I stayed at a stunning revolutionary era bed and breakfast and that is where all the girls gathered to get ready in the morning. We are so blessed to have such talented friends who wanted to help us make the day perfect. My friend Candice did my hair, Gretchen did makeup, we had no less than 10professionalphotographers present along with our official ones, Josh and Murphy set up an old school Polaroid photobooth, our pastor Jon Tyson did the ceremony, Zach Williams and Caitlyn sang worship songs, Nate was our DJ, Adam shot video,  Josh (one of my bridesmen) and Papa Ice (with a harmonica!) performed our first dance song, my sister-in-law made our wedding cake, Dana helped design the chalk boards, Mo made our DIY cake topper, Kathleen and my girlfriends baked homemade cookies, pies and carmel apples for our desert table.... our community was really the hands and feet of our wedding day. And even today, I'm not sure we'll ever know how to fully express our gratitude. It's true when they say 'it takes a village'. And I guess in our case, it takes a whole borough. 


So what has the first year been like?

Marriage is so much more than you can ever expect. First off, to be honest, another human being on this earth has voluntarily chosen to spend the rest of their life with you. Just you. Weird, right? I'm not even sure I always think I'm that cool. Unconditional love is the bottom line. Second, you've got two people living under one roof and doing life together.... news flash, you can't hide any of your freak flag moments anymore, you can't be selfish and you can't expect anything to be resolved - from 'whats for dinner' moments to 'who's family do we spend the holidays with' this year- if you don't learn to communicate. Third, you will learn that changing your name in NYC is harder than being a contestant on Amazing Race. And last, but not least, you will learn how much of a gift it truly is to get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. This is just the beginning, we've got decades of learning ahead of us.

Got marriage advice? Do share below! Would love other people's first year of marriage stories and ten or twenty year marriage stories.

Dress: Vera Wang

Get Away Dress: BCBG Max Azaria

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Clutch: Judith Leiber

Hairpiece: Becky Shim

Fur Stole: Vintage (gift from my girlfriends before the wedding!)

Photos ::  Josh Goleman, Kelsey Foster, Nate Poekert, Andrew Shepherd, Divine Light Photography

Video :: Eric & Amy - "Dancing Shoes" by GRO from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.