Let's Talk Milk

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If you were to ask my husband what my hardest daily decisions are, he would easily answer you with ‘what she wants to eat’. It’s hard enough weaving through the options I have on a given day to decipher what is the least processed, has the smallest amount of sugar, has good carbs over bad carbs and won’t eventually come back to kill me of some rare cancer in twenty years.

We take Parker’s health seriously and are thankful for this time to dive in and learn more about the best nutritional options for our family. But I think we can all agree there’s just too much information - we are an overly informed society and I think that’s both good and bad at times! It helps us make better decisions, but also creates a fear in us over every. little. thing. I mean, how blissful were the days of warming up hot dogs in the microwave for lunch as a kid. Or to be more with the times…. you would ‘nuke it’ in the microwave. Which should’ve been the first clue it could cause chemical warfare. Now, both the microwave and the hot dog “ingredients” strike more fear than being struck by lightening. I simply can’t wait to be a grandma and eat cookies with my grandchildren and wear stretchy pants and not give a crap.

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I think we are all aware that cow’s milk is pretty iffy, but then again, most of us were raised on it and we are still alive and thriving. I’ve read that it can cause a number of health issues due to the pasteurization process and it’s one of the highest mucus forming foods available today. There’s that whole lactose intolerance thing, which I don’t know if that becomes worse if children aren’t exposed to it or if they are. It seems a lot of people believe it is the underlining cause to a significant amount of illnesses children and adults experience. Overall, it’s awfully fake. Almond milk is the next most commonly discussed option. But then again, if you don’t make your own, then it’s just processed almond water you buy in a box at the store. It’s known to lack some significant nutrients that whole cow’s milk can supply, plus it has caused spurts of digestive issues (if you know what I mean). Goat’s milk is what I see most people suggest as a well-rounded cow’s milk alternative. Only problem is, they all stress that it must be raw. Raw makes me a little nervous, plus, I live in Brooklyn. Either that should make it easier, based on our current Portlandia farm-to-table standards or makes it harder since there isn’t a green pasture for hundreds of miles that would be producing fresh goat’s milk. She doesn’t have to be the poster child for organic health, I just want a normal balance between needing to personally knowing the goat the milk came from and being able to grab it from the shelf at the grocery store. I just try to make educated choices and then sometimes….. I just need some queso. 

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I know there are mom’s out there who have done the research, who have scoured the nutritional books and blogs and asked their doctor’s a million and one questions. I know there are intelligent people out there who have studied nutrition and know more than I can sit here and cram from articles and fact sheets. I would love to have a discussion on what you have decided to do for your children, what you’ve read and believe. Or did you also worry like I have over this? I know this ultimately comes down to what we find best to do for our family, I just really love learning from other people and gathering information. Like I said, this is such a “first world mom problem” and I realize it’s part of a much larger conversation around our culture, consumption, nutrition and our roles in all of it. But that’s for another day… right now I just want to talk milk. I’m starting to ease off of nursing, which I think I’ve delayed because I have no clue what the next milk option should be. Milk has not been part of my diet for years, though I used to live off nursing home style cottage cheese until I learned how manufactured it was. I am generally a picky eater for the sake of being healthy and know the ins and outs of basic nutrition and eating clean. There are internet opinions and facts galore and, frankly, I’m not a nutritional scientist and I find it all quite overwhelming. So, alas, when it comes to milk, I’m stumped.