Catskills + Week(end) Roll Call

How is it Friday again already?! The weeks have been flying by and it's either scary or awesome to think March is days away. 

Last week we fled the city with 16 other creatives (whom I'm incredibly inspired by), holed ourselves up in a massive cabin and created some amazing work. It will be a long way down the road until all can be shared, but here's a few peeks via Instagram. We feasted like kings, build fires like eagles scouts, listened to incredible musicians play songs, shared late night conversation and ultimately walked away with some of the most memorable days we've lived.  Cheers to our work together! 


Things from around the interwebs this week :: 

- Still can't get over the simple delivery of so much honesty in Becca's post on The Daily Muse. 'Getting Rid of the Negative' should be a thing we all get, but I feel like it eludes us so often and we need to read something like this to bring us back to reality. If you find yourself eight pages deep in Becca's blog (like I usually do), then be sure to read her post on moving to NYC. I'm a sucker for the human story and especially when it involves the reason and way people took the leap to move to this crazy city. 

- The darling Colleen of Inspired To Share, has her list of 'Wanted This Week'..... and it's one steller compilation if I do say! 

- I can't handle this. When will it end Paris.... when? 

- This Sunday, the wonderful people of Kinfolk are hosting an intimate gathering here in Brooklyn inside The Green Building. It's a stunning venue and I can't wait to see everyone and meet some new faces! Anna is my date, as E is out of town, and I think we will both be in heaven! 

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! What are y'all up too? 

Photos :: Ryan Booth, Anna Carlmine