I have an announcement….. getting a baby’s foot into a shoe is impossible. Seriously. You’ll have better luck teaching them how to code the next Facebook at six months than getting their foot into a shoe. To help you with this endeavor, this is what I’ve learned about babies and shoes.

1. It’s like their foot has a magnet in it and so does the shoe. Everytime the two get within inches of each other, they actually deflect the other. Imagine an electromagnetic force field exists between them and it’s impossible to break the barrier.

2. Babies don’t understand how to not arch their feet. I don’t know why they don’t, but they just don’t. Idiots. So try as you may, but their foot will be stuck in an arch position and the shoe is never sliding on.

3. You’ve got about all of 30 seconds to get the shoes on or else your baby loses their cool and then it’s mission failed. Know your best approach. I prefer facing her while putting on the shoes while Eric prefers to have her sitting in his lap. Plan ahead.

4. By all means, don’t get your face too close while attempting to get the shoe on. For some reason, everyone crouches down and gets reeaaallly close, as if because the feet are so tiny they must zoom in to see everything. Do this, and you will be kicked in the face.

5. After all the blood, sweat and tears you actually manage to get the shoes on both feet of your baby. I give them an hour and at least one of them has managed to shimmy off their foot. #fail

So, now that we’ve gone over those. I also have the solution for you. Freshly Picked moccasins. This is starting to follow the rhythm of an infomercial, I don’t know why, but just follow me here. You’ve probably heard of them…. I mean, who hasn’t at this point. They were on Shark Tank after all. Susan is a powerhouse business woman and is likely going to take over the world here pretty soon. I’ve known her for a few years and recently had the pleasure of speaking on panel with her at Alt Summit. Girlfriend is a genius. She’s taken a common problem we face as parents and created a solution. A fashionable, chic, high quality and easy to use product. Oh, you just stretch it out and close it in over the babies feet? And then it stays on all day? They don’t fall off? I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me. These are the only shoes you should buy for your baby. 

As you can see, Parker has worn them throughout the duration of her long life. They are the perfect soft-soled moccasin that are best for their tiny feet, especially when they are learning to walk. Something about gripping and stability, think monkeys… or at least that’s what I thought when the doctor was explaining baby walking dynamics. You’re biggest problem at this point is going to be selecting a favorite.

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The Quality List

20140223_The Quality List_1.jpg

Recently, as you may have read, I’ve declared this the year of quality over quantity. In this physical realm, this is geared towards incorporating staple clothing items, natural beauty and food products, simple and organic household items and all of the above for baby everything. In the personal realm, this is geared towards relationships, intentional conversations, etc. The personal side has been easier to get a handle on. The physical side is a tad harder. There’s more ground to cover and I find we want to default back to what we know because it’s easy. In my quest to find the best quality black fitted blazer, I became more overwhelmed than when I tried to figure out what the heck an exersaucer was. I don’t have time to research and sift through the black hole of the internet for the creme de la creme of quality, but still affordable for what they are, items out there. Finally the light bulb went off….. I should just ask the internet about the internet. Yea? Yea!

20140223_The Quality List_3.jpg

This is where you come in. I'm asking for your help. This isn't a revolutionary season I'm going through - I know a lot of you have recently downsized your belongings in search of a more quality and simple lifestyle. I realized once I posted this photo on Instagram asking for a few suggestions - the emails flooded in! I’ve been working on compiling a list of the top places to find your favorite quality items. You're go-to stops and shops. Preferably online, but understand if it’s an in-store only place. This mama doesn’t have time to go scouring all over town for things anymore. Categories are everything from jeans to cashmere, to shoes and hair straighteners, to natural face moisturizer to baby toys, you name it. Also, just because it’s more affordable, doesn’t mean it isn’t quality. I’m a major fan of Uniqlo and would consider their sweaters and jackets to be on my quality list. I swear by coconut oil for just about everything in my beauty regimen and it’s cheaper than my fancy Chanel eye cream. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. 

20140223_The Quality List_4.jpg
20140223_The Quality List_2.jpg

Asking y’all is my way of not having to read through endless customer reviews and get lost in the chatter and noise of the internet. Plus, I trust you. You people have astounding taste! You’ve tried it, own it and like it? Let me know! It’s a product that has lasted you for years? Don’t keep the secret to yourself! We all have ‘that friend’ with their regal and effortless style who seems to know exactly how to maximize their wardrobe? Raid their closet and tell us the brands!

I plan to gather as much information and compile a one stop shop list that would live here on the blog for everyone to reference! So alert your friends, ask your hairstylist and take notes. The more feedback the better for all of us. Just leave a comment below with your top suggestions or also feel free to shoot me an email --> parkeretc[at]!

And just to lure you into taking some time to send me your suggestions.... I've included a picture of Parker. If anything.... do it for her and those cheeks! 

20140223_The Quality List_6.jpg