What I Wore :: Let's Take A Walk


Some days are just meant to stroll around your neighborhood with no agenda or destination in mind. That's exactly what E and I tend to do when we need to clear our heads, get inspiration, or just see what's going on in our hood that day. There may be great talks involved and sometimes there may be no words exchanged. We'll walk past the flower shops, the bagel shops, maybe pick up a coffee, pop in the local indie book store, sneak into the antique shop, then we'll loop around the park and then stroll back to home base. It's just one of those things we do. And I hope we never stop talking walks. 


Hat :: H&M

Jacket :: Target (similiar)

Scarf :: Beacon's Closet

Shoes :: Franco Sarto (similiar

Leggings :: Uniqlo

Photos :: E

What I Wore :: Laundry Day

We've all been there before, it's laundry day and it's a little overdue, so all you have is your 'leftover' clothes to try and get dressed. It gets tricky, it gets creative and then there's always the surprise 'I forgot I owned this!' moment. It's like a treasure hunt to find any last-man-standing gems that are still wearable and not cocktail gowns or sweatpants. What if I just wore a ball gown around the city all day with the excuse that it's laundry day?!

So the hunt began. 

20120116_Laundry Day Outfit.jpg

This was the concoction I came up with.... and was pretty proud of myself. It's got a little color, a little comfy and a little corky all-in-one. 

Sweater :: Ann Demeulemeester

Shirt + Skirt :: F21

Boots :: Franco Sarto (similiar)

Bow :: F21

Necklace :: Vintage

Tights :: Urban Outfitters