Faithful + Week(end) Roll Call

Faithful_Sunday Ibok.jpg

The art print image was created by the amazing graphic designer, Jeff Rogers as a tribute to the life of the one and only - Sunday Ibok. You were one of the lucky ones if you knew Sunday in any capacity..... he was an amazing man who radiated such infectious joy and was the biggest supporter and cheerleader to everyone he knew..... and he did it dressed in a better outfit than the rest of us! His last tweet was simply 'Faithful', and Jeff captured that perfectly. Please check out Jeff's website and order a print - 100% of the profits go directly to the Ibok family to help pay for the medical expenses. How amazing of a gift would it be to cover all of those costs for them? Such a celebration that would be!


The week in review:

- What are your plans this Saturday - yea, like tomorrow - say.....1pm (if you're an east coaster like myself)? Well, join us for Blog Brunch! The first official brunch is all about - CONTENT! So, sign up and join fellow bloggers as we chat about ways to create great and unique blog content.

- I know I tweeted this earlier this week, but I'm still so very very confused. It is a dress, a vest, a butchers apron? So many questions!

- My new magazine obsession and it's so very Texas of me!

 - Oh, you couldn't make it to Paris Fashion Week either?! I know, it was so hard to turn down all the invitations from designers....'No, really, I'll try to make it next time', 'Me? Sit front row? Oh darling, I'm so over that!'. Well, at least you can still make some tres chic cocktails to get you by til your next Parisian adventure.

- Did you read this great article in NYTimes Fashion section on the world of bloggers and agents? It's pretty much the perfect mix of my two worlds I must say!

- Loving this interior designer's portfolio. Best of both my design tastes.... country and town.

Think E and I are going to spend a fun and productive day in his studio tomorrow painting, organizing and building furniture. Hoping for Sunday to be relaxing, but we'll see how long that lasts before we fill up the day with things to do! 

What are your plans this weekend? Trips, flea markets, DIY projects? Whatever they are, hope you have a wonderful weekend!