Etsy :: Hands On Dumbo

Last week the amazing crafty brains over at Etsy teamed up with the Dumbo Improvement District and put together Hands On:Dumbo. The basic premise was to have the opportunity to explore the neighborhood and take part in several craft projects hosted by local businesses. Everyone met under the archway of the Manhattan bridge, grabbed a map and headed out! It was fun to jump in and out of the stores, make a little DIY project, meet a few people and then continue to stroll onwards to another location. Doesn't hurt that Dumbo is one of my favorite neighborhoods..... complete with cobblestone streets, adorable coffee shops, stunning views of the city and home to the great Modern Anthology


My first stop :: Brooklyn Roasting Company to make coffee ice cream! And buy some coffee, of course. Don't be fooled..... this process is a little more intense than you'd assume on first look. Your arms get quite a work out! 


Then it was down the street to Recycle A Bike where we used old tire strips to make a cute little pouch. What I'm going to put it in? Not.a.clue. But it looks bad-a right?! 


And of course, an Etsy craft gathering in one of the hipest neighborhoods of Brooklyn isn't complete without 'putting a bird' on something. Couldn't resist! 


THANK YOU to Etsy + the Dumbo Imporvement District for putting on such a wonderful event. When can we do another one?!