The Easiest Soup Recipe.... Literally.

As promised, I've put together a play-by-play of the easiest soup recipe on the planet. Literally, the easiest. We served this at the latest

Gather Round

a couple of weeks ago and it was such a hit that we were asked to pass around the secret ingredients. 

20120215_Vegan Soup-1.jpg

You'll Need ::

1 Onion

2 Potatoes

2 Squash

2 Zucchini

2 Carrots

2 Cups of water

2 Cubes of vegetable bouillon

1-2 heavy shakes of curry power

Few generous round swirls of honey

20120215_Vegan Soup-2.jpg

What To Do :: 

Boil all ingredients together in a huge pot for 30-45 minutes or until potatoes are soft

Puree in the blender

Voila.... delicious vegetable soup! 

20120215_Vegan Soup-3.jpg

Photos + Recipe via :: Esther Havens

HYPE02 :: Dallas



1 :: Are you in Dallas tonight?

2 :: Need something artistic and charitable to do?

3 :: Would you like to hang out with some relatively cool people and look at pretty pictures/artwork while listening to awesome jazz music and sipping on a complimentary cocktail?

4 :: If you answered 'yes' to any of the above.... then join us TONIGHT from 8pm-12am for HYPE02!


HYPE is a holiday party thrown by a family of artists with the simple purpose of bringing friends together to experience, interact with, and purchase new art, while listening to good music, and enjoying community. Throughout the course of the evening, artwork from carefully selected artists would be up for auction — the majority of those profits will return to the the artist and the remainder will benefit, a charity in the Philippines. 100% of profits from the door & bar will be donated to The showing and auction will be hosted in the old Dallas Power and Light building of the Cedars neighborhood from 8pm-12am December 22nd, 2011 [also known as, TONIGHT!] in Dallas, Texas.

With beginnings in Deep Ellum in 2008, HYPE/01 was a success, with an attendance of over 600. Every artist sold work in the auction, and over $5,000 was raised for Sowers of Seeds, a water-based charity in India. This year is only going to be better!