'The Man Behind The Blog'

Did you know a single person can't possibly do a blog on their own? I'm sure there are some cases out there, but I know mine wouldn't function if it weren't for the assistance of this darling man above. Oh, you thought I could take those jumping pictures on my own? Or set up a tri-pod to capture my own cooking and DIY endeavors? Pshhhh. I'm no magical all-in-one fairy. Let's just pull the curtain back on that myth right now! 

Meet.... the man, the myth, they legend.... E. I've learned so much from him (I now take all my own DIY photos!) and he has helped shape and define what is Parker Etc. (thanks babe!)

Victoria of Vmac & Cheese has been doing this fresh new series called 'The Man Behind The Blog' where she showcases those key players you don't see because they are behind the cameras, elaborate prop set ups, dramatic outfit pictures...etc. Every good blog needs a sidekick, if you ask me. Check out the series. Its been fun to see the faces behind some of my favorite blogs! 

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