DIY :: Kitchen Island Makeover

Have I mentioned my friend recently turned over her spare keys and gave me free rein of her East Village apartment for a complete makeover? It's like my dream come true! My vision is to make her apartment a home, all within a budget and help re-vamp things she already owns to make them fresh again. 

The trickiest part of this apartment, are the dimensions. Every single piece has to be a very particular size.... this is, after all,  a New York City - East Village apartment we are talking about here! There isn't any extra inch to spare. I searched far and wide for a skinny, affordable kitchen island and kept only finding either $600 metal boringness, or over the top, huge mansion pieces with lots of bells and whistles. 

When this little perfectly sized gem showed up one day for a quarter of its retail price, I snatched it up and went right to work on her!


The Steps ::  

1. Tape off the sides and areas you aren't planning to paint. 

2. Be sure to do a layer of primer on these types of shiny wood.

3. Paint 1 layer of the color of your choice. Let dry. Paint the second layer. 

4. Sand down the top of the wood block and use a couple coats of wood oil. 

5. Ta-da! You're done.... no really, that's it! 


Insider tip :: Go to your local hardware store, make friends with the employees, and ask if they have canisters of their 'oopsie daisy' paint laying around. Paint mixes get messed up all the time and my local store has shelves of them in the basement for a whole $2.00. Yep, gallons and pints of paint for $2.00. That's where I found the pint for the color above. But I wouldn't have known if I wasn't buddies with them..... so befriend your hardware store helpers! 

Looking forward to sharing the whole process of this apartment makeover step-by-step with y'all.... so stay tuned! 

Photos :: via my iPhone!