DIY :: Tackle Box to Jewelry Organizer

I've been on the hunt for a vintage tackle box to convert into a great organizational box for all my jewelry findings and tools I use to make necklaces. For the past few months, I've been surviving on being meticulous at keeping things in labeled baggies. Not that best route.... plus, I couldn't see all my materials at once. It always made for a hectic mess. So, the thought came to find a great tackle box with tons of small sections for charms and the fasteners and a large bottom to hold the tools and glue. It also allows me to be mobile and take the tackle box with me when I travel. 


This entire project cost a total of :: $15.00

Tackle box :: Brooklyn Flea - $7.00

Liner :: Fiber Notion - $3.50

Double sided mounting tape :: Duane Reade - $4.00


Step 1 :: Deep clean the tackle box. It's from a flea market. 'Nuff said.

Step 2 :: Lay out the liner and, using a ruler, measure out each section and cut the pieces accordingly. While doing this I would lay them in the section and shave off any extra sides or round the corners with an xacto knife. Each one will be unique, just always remember to err on the larger side since you can always cut more off, but you can't add more on if you over cut.

Step 3 :: Piece by piece, apply the double sided mounting tape to all the corners and a few in the middle. Lay lightly into the section being sure to line up all the corners. Then once it appears to be fitting as you want, press down on the tape.

Step 4 :: Fill the box with all our jewelry making knickknacks!

Do you design/make jewelry? I'd love to hear how you organize all your jewelry making materials!