How To Look Expensive :: Tom Binns Style



Tom Binns makes incredible hand-painted Swarovski crystal necklaces. You aren't just getting a piece of jewelry..... you're getting a statement piece. A very very stunning and colorful piece. Oh yea, they are pretty and sparkly.  They will also run you a pretty penny too. So in my world of trying to look expensive without spending the extra expense (tongue twister)... you can imagine my victory dance when I came across the Spike The Punch line by Elizhyc on Etsy.

Let's do the math together ::

1 Tom Binns piece = $800 

1 Spike the Punch piece = $36.00

Grand total savings of....drum roll please..... ALOT of cash money!

This was one great 'look for less' I had to share. I've been impressed with some great DIY versions out there on other blogs. Check out a few here, here and here for some inspiration.  That's also a great route to go if you're wanting a more personalized piece or if you want to use an old vintage rhinestone necklace you already have.


 Photos: via Tom Binns & Spike The Punch