DIY :: Cupcake Stand

Who wants to super glue some plates together to make awesome things like a cupcake stand slash jewelry holder slash fancy 3lb dumbbell (if you turn it sideways)? This girl does! 

Well, I sure hope you do too cause I made a little video to show you what to do with those embellished and lavish plates, candle holders or even old glasses you find laying around your grannies and thrift shops. The ones I used were acquired from one of my favorite little Brooklyn secrets..... Film Biz Recycling. Do take note of how serious I was about cleaning up for a film crew in my home.......... I'll work on that better next time! 

You can check out some more DIY/upcycling ideas over on the Krrb blog. Also, don't forget to enter to win $1000 shopping spree compliments of Krrb and Apartment Therapy. You can scope out my Pinterest board to get some ideas of how to spend your new cash money. Also, thanks to Vanessa of Krrb for being patient as I mumbled, stumbled and talked straight up gibberish while trying to get this whole video together!