DIY Operation :: Volcano Drain Experiment

This isn't a fancy shoe or glittery outfit Friday post by any means, but let's get real, it's something all of us gals with super long hair will have to tackle at one point. My poor husband has never had issues with drains being clogged by wads of hair until we got married. I'm sure if I owned a brush it would help alleviate this issue, but no sense in starting now!

For me, it's started to become a monthly battle.... drain stops draining, go to store, buy Drano, use whole bottle, works for a week, then I'd have to repeat the steps. In an effort to minimize the chemicals I'm repeatedly pouring down my drain and stop spending all my cash-olla on Drano, I've resorted to an easy DIY drain cleaner that is chemical free and uses household items. Plus, it's reminiscent of your 2nd grade volcano science project!


 What You'll Need ::

- An extra large box of baking soda

- White Vinegar

- Measuring cup

- Pot for boiling water

Let's get down to business ::

1 :: Remove all water from the sink or tub and pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. It's a tricky process and way more baking soda than you'd imagine, but I used a spoon to kind of scoop some in little at a time and then poke it down the drain with the other end of the spoon. Just be sure you get the full cup down the drain using whatever MacGyver skills you have. 

2 :: Pour 2 cups of boiling hot water down the drain. Baking soda + hot boiling water will dissolve the gunk (*ahem, hair) in the pipe. Wait a few minutes.

3 :: Repeat step 1. Put another cup of baking soda down the drain.

4 :: This is the fun part! Add 1 cup of white vinegar and plug the drain immediately. Use a plug or washcloth or upside down saucer of sorts.  It will react like your volcano science experiment, which means sizzles and bubbles.

5 :: Let sit for an hour. Check the drain, if all is well, then continue on with life. If there is still some residual baking soda hanging out and water is still backing up a wee-bit, pour another sauce pan of boiling hot water down the drain to clean out any leftovers. Ta-da!

6 :: Light a candle in your bathroom cause by this point it smells like your old chemistry lab! 

I just tried this yesterday and my drain is like a well oiled machine now! This process should keep your drains clean for way longer than your normal drain cleaner. We can all thank my dad for sending me this idea. Always looking out for me! 

Original concoction found via :: Green Living Ideas