DIY :: Apple Candle Holder

So what do you do with all those apples from the farm? Maybe you went a little crazy on the apple picking and came home with 3 bags of apples. It happens to the best of us. Well after the three apple pies and supposed generosity at the office as you try to pass off apples as gifts..... it's hard to figure out what to do with the other dozen you still have left. My solution: we hosted a dinner party this past Saturday and the apples came in handy with this simple DIY addition to the tablescape as candle holders. Plus, it's perfect for fall!

20111017_Apple Candle DIY_1.jpg

1) Instead of worrying about if all my apples have flat bottoms, I usually just cut off a little to even out the bottom so the apple sits steady. No bigger hosting faux pas than a flaming apple rolling into a guests lap and a napkin catching on fire. Whoopsie.

20111017_Apple Candle DIY_2.jpg

2) Place the candle on top of the apple to help get an idea how big of a circle you need to cut. Then cut straight down and turn the apple as you cut to make a circle.

20111017_Apple Candle DIY_3.jpg

3) I use a spoon to help scoop out any extra so the candle can be cozy and sit flat inside. If using a larger candle, I also think it looks cool if the top of the candle sticks up out of the apple a little. So it's ok if it doesn't fit perfectly inside the apple.

20111017_Apple Candle DIY_4.jpg

4) Place candle in your apple and enjoy on your table or around the house!

These are so easy and work perfectly for any gathering or just for fun during the fall season. Couple of tips, wait until the final minutes to do these so the apples aren’t brown when your guests arrive, and also, if you’re the proud owner of an apple candle carver (no joke, it exists) or an apple core remover…. this would be the glorious time to use it!

We are off to Mexico today for some much needed vacation and 1 year anniversary celebration! Beach, Corona, ceviche, quacamole.... here I come. Be back on Sunday! xx