Dannijo for Congo + Week(end) Roll Call


I'm an advocate for peace in the Congo and I'm an advocate for statement jewelry. I'm sure you've seen me write about Falling Whistlespreviously, and if so, then you are aware of the magnitude of the cause. The necklace symbolizes the whistles child soldiers are given before they are forced into the front lines of war if they are too small to carry a gun. I'm excited, yes, that the necklaces above are ridiculously bad-a, but I'm more excited that great companies, like Dannijo, have come along side Falling Whistles to help advocate and rehabilitate for those affected by war. Fashion has a power to be more than just who you are wearing, but what you are wearing it for. 

Scroll through my 'Connect + Contribute' links to learn more about the causes close to my heart and ways you can also get involved. 


The week in review :: 

- Have you ever checked out Tattly? It's this awesome online store for temporary tattoos.... and not the gum wrapper kind you lick and stick to your arm.... although there is nothing wrong with those.... check out this one by überfamous letterer Louise Fili. Do you have commitment issues to tattoos?.... Well, this site is for you! 

- Fan of Birchbox? Who isn't! Now is the time to get your man on the list for the launch of Birchbox Man.

- All I had to do was read 'spicy sweet potato hummus' and I was sold! Attempting this recipe by Cookie and Kate this weekend. 

- Looking forward to Blogger Blitz on Sunday at City Winery! My friend Anna, of The Yellow Table, and I are heading over to meet and mingle with some fellow NYC bloggers. Thanks to Alison of Long Distance Loving for organizing and hosting the event! 

- Came across this super creative DIY by Beckie at Cubicle 57. Dip dye mugs.... so unique!

- I'm not one for 'inspiration quotes' or those posters with a cat hanging upside down that says 'Hang in There'..... but I am one for etiquette with a side of witty humor.   

Happy weekend! 

Photos via: Falling Whistles, Dannijo