Two Is Better Than One


The second wouldn't be as good without the first. And the fiftieth will only be as celebratory as the forty-nine it took to get there. As with every year, we look back and can't believe the chapters it holds. We have endless things to be thankful for.... starting with each other. The years are going by faster and faster and it's days like today that we are reminded to slow down, breath deeply, take it in and acknowledge all of the things we don't deserve and are so very lucky to have. This love is bigger than us. (cue my sloppy sniffles and watery eyes here)

E - Thank you for loving me, leading me, being patient with me, calming my type-a tendencies, nurturing my haphazard craftiness, cooking breakfast every morning, holding my hand, letting me shamlessly control the Netflix account, cheering me on and reminding me daily that there is nothing we can't do.... together. 

You are an incredible man. Still not sure how I tricked you into marrying me. You're way too good for me. And for that, I love you. 


Under Fire + Week(end) Roll Call

I'm sure many of you have picked up my love for music somewhere in my posts, but just in case you haven't..... Hi, I'm Amy, and I am a fan of good tunes. Sharing music is a pastime and will always be a way people come together and connect. My passion on that topic alone could be an entirely separate post of its own!

For today, meet Green River Ordinance - or GRO for short.

February 28th marks the release of their sophomore album, Under Fire,  and I promise it's their best yet. I don't say that just because you may find E and I's wedding song on the album (oh, it's on there!), or because I've watched them develop into an amazing band over the past eight years..... but because they truly made an album that will have something for everyone. Stay tuned!  


Other news I found interesting this week ::

- Stylelist has been killing it on the DIY ideas! I've got some vintage lace that would be perfect for this 'Doly Bowl' DIY

- Are you a font lover/connoisseur? Then check out this site where you can make your very own font out of your handwriting. Great for bloggers and designers.   

- 'What were you doing 1 year ago today?' That is the question that Timehop can answer for you. It's a daily email reminder of just that - what you were doing 1 year ago. Cool idea to take time for a quick reminiscence! 

- Tomorrow is the January edition of Blog Brunch! Join in at 1pm EST tomorrow to chat about collaborations. 

- Collars are the jam. A good studded collar can jazz up any old oxford or granny sweater. Check out these easy DIY collars  via those savvy folks at Refinery 29

- Speaking of those savvy folks at Refinery 29..... thanks to them for helping us busy New Yorkers find a way to roll all of our eating, drinking and alcohol intake into one. Alcoholic soups are apparently the new thing! And I thought alcoholic ice cream was going to be all the rage. I guess one can be for summer and the other for winter! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


VIDEO :: GRO - Under Fire Teaser from Eric Ryan Anderson on Vimeo.