Behind the Scenes :: Refinery29

It was quite the honor last week to be crowned 'NYC's Most Stylish Hood' by Refinery29 and Cole Haan! 

Thank you to everyone who voted..... your support for me and for Brooklyn was so very much appreciated. 

I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes shots from the big photo shoot. We had fun strolling through the park, playing 'which brownstone has the best stoop' game and eating at my favorite neighborhood spot for lunch. I've decided, ya know, it wouldn't be so bad to have a hair and makeup team at my apartment every day! 

20120402_R29 Recap_.jpg
20120402_R29 Recap_2.jpg

Thank you again to everyone at the Refinery29 team, Marcos, Erin, Mark and Huntley! It was a blast to spend the day with y'all! 

To see the full article and pictures around my hood - go HERE

Photos :: via E's fancy blurry iPhone camera!