DIY :: Dainty Charm Anklet

I'll say it here and now for everyone to hear..... anklets are to summer 2012 as the stacked arm party was to the friendship bracelet for summer 2011! Did you follow that? Basically, those bracelets you used to make and stack on your ankle as a kid, while listening to your Alanis Morissette cassette tape, are back and better than ever. Well, let's hope or else this would be a bit of a failed post. 

20120621_DIY ANKLET _ 1.jpg

After childhood, I associated anklets in the same category as hemp necklaces. It was a little more for the granola-backpacking-camping-Nalgene loving crew than it was for my girlie taste. Recently, I've been seeing the anklet start making more appearances at the end of some very fashionable legs. So I decided it was time to make a delicate, girlie and dainty version....with a pinch of edge.... for myself. I had a $2.00 necklace from Forever 21 laying around that had the cross on it already, so I clipped that off and picked up some dainty chain and the rest is history (as seen below!)

20120621_DIY ANKLET _ 2.jpg





wire snaps

- delicate gold (or silver)


- small charm or bead

- small

lobster clasp


jump rings

- 1

eye pin 

20120621_DIY ANKLET _ 3.jpg


- Start by measuring the chain around your ankle to get the right length, then cut the chain in half.

- Attach a jump ring and the lobster clasp at one end of a chain.

- Attach the remaining jump rings to the other piece of chain. I added a few so I could adjust the size of the anklet. 

- In the middle of each chain attach a jump ring. 

- My charm came with an eye pin that attached it to a necklace, so I had to cut it out and replace it with a longer eye pin. Then round the other side into a wire wrapped circle and cut off the excess to create another loop. 

- Attached each loop of the charm to a jump ring on each chain. 

- Wear your anklet all over town in heels or your chucks! 

So, what do y'all think? Are you excited to see a few more ankle parties going on this summer?