A Treehouse in Brooklyn + Week(end) Roll Call


What better thing to do with your free time while trying to find a job than to build a treehouse? Just seems practical, right? Well, if you were an interior design major fighting the job search like Alexandra Meyn..... then this is one great portfolio page. Secured to a solid mulberry tree and made from a budget of $400 worth of recycled wood (via Build It Green), this treehouse resides in Alexandra's backyard right here in Brooklyn.


This week looked a little something like this ::

- We tracked down our perfect Christmas tree, threw it over our shoulder and carried it home!

- The Iowa girl in me loves to see a great design shop full of unique home and personal accessories sitting right in the heart of Des Moines... thank goodness for cool people bringing cool stuff to Des Moines!

- Current xmas wish list (obviously nothing I need, just want!) includes :: an eyemask, these slippers, a heavy duty shopper, a copy of 'Savage Beauty', aloe vera socks and of course.... some spikes. I'm sensing a trend! What's on your list so far?

- Do yourself, and your body, a favor during the holidays.... take time to get your greens in! I'm a huge advocate for fresh juice cleanses, and the holiday season - more than ever - is time to be sure you're balancing out your body. (In fact, my friend Anna wrote a great article on the importance of veggies today in the Huffington Post.) My personal favorite juices are Juice Hugger and Blue Print Cleanse. Stock up or, better yet, get a juicer and start making your own. Has anyone ever done a juice cleanse before?

- Just cause it's fancy pants Givenchy, doesn't mean it can't be replicated! New DIY mission is this skull charm bracelet... and I'm guessing it won't cost anywhere near that retail value.

- I'm constantly adding and re-doing little touches to our apartment, one of them has been painted tree logs that normal people would buy for their fireplace, but since we don't have a fireplace, I use them for decor.... naturally. My next step is going to be scouring for some full on tree stumps to use as side tables.

- The above statement about not having a fireplace will be updated soon when I share a post next week on how I DIY'd a fireplace for our apartment. It's just for the holiday season, cause really, how can one not have somewhere to hang the stocking with care?!

- It's that time again.... Blog Brunch is this Saturday, yep as in tomorrow, at 1pm EST. Join us while we chat all things Twitter!

 Hope everyone has a delightful weekend!

 Photos via :: Re-Nest