Visit :: Hotel Saint Cecilia


You want to know the greatest thing to happen to our lives right now? Free extended babysitting. The kind that allows you to jump on a quick flight, find a hidden gem of a hotel, explore a city, have a wonderful dinner date, stay out past your bedtime and sleep in like teenagers. That, my friends, makes you feel like a million bucks when you’re new parents. Technically, are we still ‘new’ parents? I don’t know the cutoff here. At seven months, we might consider ourselves ‘seasoned’. At least the permanent exhaustion look on our faces would declare it so.

A few weeks back, Parker got to have a vacation with her grandparents. We dropped her off, kissed her on the head, left a freezer full of milk and we fled south to Austin for a weekend full of R&R. Having lived in Texas for for a bit of my life, I’m not new to Austin, but it’s almost nice to go back now and kind of ‘rediscover’ it outside of being there in college (read: gross frat parties) or being there for work (read: gross music festivals).


We aren’t really hotel kind of people and usually opt to find a hidden gem in the Airbnb world, but this time around, we got serious and found some fancy digs to rest our heads. Eric has spent some time at El Cosmico in Marfa, and had heard rave reviews about its sister abode, Hotel Saint Cecilia. I tell ya, I couldn’t imagine a more serene place right off the main craze of South Congress, with its chic boutiques and trendy restaurants, can be quite loud and crowded. Not here. The atmosphere is as if California and Nashville merged into one with cactuses and rustic American flags hanging around... as they do. We were lucky enough to practically be the only people there, so it was as if, we had the whole estate to ourselves. The pool is heated, the mini bar is packed full of eclectic treats and spirits from around the world and best of all, each room comes equipped with a record player (vinyl supplied at the front desk’s extensive library).

We honestly only spent a short amount of time in Austin, I thought of it as almost a ‘staycation’ in a city you don’t actually live in, but sometimes you have to get away to really rest.


To See, To Do & To Eat::

Uncommon Objects :: If I go missing, the first place to look for me is this shop. Seriously. If I was a millionaire, I would buy the whole dang place and everything in it. Every corner is full of gorgeous curated antiques and oddities….. kind of like the current state of my apartment except consider ‘oddities’ to be ‘baby things’.

Stag:: A perfectly curated store for the man in your life.

Moss:: A perfectly curated consignment store for the lady of the house.

Torchy's:: Best damn tacos in all the land. Well, this could start a fight of sorts to go throwing around ‘best of’ claims, but by golly, those tacos are the most memorable ones I’ll eat in Austin.

Contigo:: One of our Brooklyn buddies had a hand in putting this place together, so it was a no-brainer for our date night while in town. It gets pretty hopping during the warmer weather, but we were lucky to catch it on a chilly evening, by Austin standards, so we snuggled up at our table with complimentary southwestern blankets and cocktails. Try the crispy green beans, cauliflower gratin and the dewberry hills chicken.

Jo's Coffee:: Located in the parking lot of the Hotel San Jose, the other sister of the El Cosmico and Hotel Saint Cecilia tribe, it hosts a line around the block most days. The coffee is top notch and if you didn’t get a chance to snag a taco at Torchy’s, the ones here are a close contender. Try the Iced Turbo and a breakfast taco.  

Taco Deli:: Maybe all I do is eat tacos in Austin? This place is only for the ‘breakfast’ category. Nothing fancy, but a place not to be missed. Try ‘The Otto’ taco.


As with every city, there are probably awesome hidden gems that we likely have no clue exist! If you have some top favorite places in Austin, leave a comment below letting me know the spots so we can make sure to check them out on our next trip!


 See you again soon Hotel Saint Cecilia!