What I Wore :: To Roll in the Grass


We have returned to Brooklyn from Des Moines. There was an evening of catching up with lifelong friends, a super successful trip to Goodwill to snatch up some new threads, a grass angel, a few hours scouring floors of rustic chic reclaimed furniture, some top notch wining and dining courtesy of my dad and his wife, adolescent secrets (like bags full of bedazzled velour gymnastics uniforms, band camp photos and old retainers) revealed to E as we cleaned out boxes of things from my old bedroom (good thing he already said 'I do'! sucker), caught an episode of 'The Price Is Right' with my Noni and indulged in an endless mimosa brunch. Life is good people, life is good. 



Dress :: F21

Shirt :: F21

Jean Vest :: Old Navy DIY

Usually when I tell people we are going to Des Moines..... they stare at me with unresponsive and blank eyes. So, I have shared some fun little factoids with y'all below so everyone can be in-the-know on the basics of the DMI (that's your first lesson, 'the DMI' is the slang term for 'Des Moines, Iowa')..... write that down. 


Don't ever say you didn't learn anything from this here blog!