Gather Round :: Anthology Magazine


When you're super talented chef/writer/foodie extraordinaire friend calls you up to ask if you want to combine forces for an epic dinner party to be featured in an epic publication..... well, in this particular case, not even a hurricane will stop you. 

I'm sure if you read this blog, you're familiar with my dear friend, Anna, of The Yellow Table. We share a deep love for a dinner table full of friends, stories, wine and good food. Anna also happens to be one heck of a writer and, last fall, asked if I wanted to partner with her on a feature piece for Anthology Magazine. Duh. She quickly whipped together an amazing menu, I gathered twigs (as I do), flowers, our friends and my great-grandmother's silver and we feasted. Oh, did we feast! Anna's recipes are insanely divine and you can find them all here. You're welcome.

The main focus of the story was that each person involved had a specific contribution included. Whether it was providing the decor, preparing the food, lending their design abilities, or being on hand for a little musical performance..... this dinner was the product of a whole team. Then we combined forces to prepare, shoot and eat..... all on the eve of Hurricane Sandy. No big deal. (The weather channel was on mute in the background all night!) 


I've been a long-time reader of Anthology Magazine and was honored to be asked to contribute. The quarterly magazine focuses each issue on a centralized theme and continually captures stunning interiors, design, entertaining and culture.  If you aren't familiar with the publication, check out more here. Print copies are available at most Anthropologie stores (also in their online store here) and local businesses in your area, but the best route is to order your own copy via the website. Feel free to watch the trailer for our current issue and get a glossy copy for yourself to see the full story, photos and recipes! 

The Line-Up :: 

Anna Watson Carl - Cook and all around food magician. 

Brandon Carl - Most likely to take over the world one day with his brilliant ideas and tech innovations.

Dana Tanamachi - Brilliant chalk/lettering artist.

Kirby Lee - Music business powerhouse. 

Bobby Long - Ubber talented musician (new album just out on Feb 19th.... shameless plug!).

Eric Ryan Anderson - My better half. Photog and video man. 

Andrew Shepherd - Assistant photog man. 

And me! 


Photos by Eric Ryan Anderson and Andrew Shepherd for Anthology Magazine.