What I Wore :: Lip-syncing + Week(end) Roll Call

Nothing like a good ol'fashioned power lip-synching session in your best dress to get a gal ready for Friday! Believe that shows just how excited I am for the weekend. Truth be told, I'm pretty sure 'Lady Marmalade' is the song playing in the background (or just in my head).... and I'm proud of that! 


Dress :: Elie Tahari (similiar

Fur :: H&M

Bag :: c/o Ms. Pink + Blue

Shoes :: Louboutin

A few thing I found interesting this week :: 

- Need some hair tips for this weekend? Promise Tangeman did a hair tutorial video with the ladies from 'Girls With Glasses'. I'll take any tips from Promise.... once you see her hair, you'll understand. Girl's got hair skills! 

- Have you joined the bug jewelry train yet? I have, and this brooch would be a delight with my ant dress! 

- Finally got our film back from Sundance and found this picture to be my all time favorite.  

- I'm signed up and ready for the IFB Conference on Wednesday here in the city. Who else is going? Looking forward to meeting a lot of new faces! 

- Guess who is on NoiseTrade this week? If you guessed GRO, you're right! NoiseTrade is a super easy way to listen to a selection of great music by an artist for free. Yes, free. And downloaded straight to your computer. Just be sure to leave a tip if you like the tunes to help support the artist. 

- I'm installing a wall trampoline in our apartment effective immediately..... or I'll just march on up to Queens and join that circus school they have where this apparent wall trampoline lives! How amazingly fun would that be! 

Have a wonderful weekend!