Yep, I know. I'm way way way behind on this post (stop judging!), but if you've been following along with me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you will know it's been a couple of chaotic weeks. So I say, better late than never people. And who doesn't love the joy of re-living a momentous day? It would be sad if these wonderful photos (that I actually took myself!) were to never see the light of a computer screen! So, just do me the favor and indulge my little heart by pretending you've never seen an Alt Summit NYC post before! 

ParkerEtc_20120910_ALT SUMMIT NYC.jpg

After meeting so many new faces and chatting the night away at our Blog Brunch event the night before, Megan and I were basically functioning on little sleep and lots of coffee (read: a day full of delirious giggle attacks!).

Few things bring me more joy than getting to sit in a room with so many like-minded creatives and 'talkin shop'. I heard the best keynote ever spoken at a conference by the amazingly talented Tina Roth Eisenberg of.... you know... well, everything.... Swiss Miss, Creative Mornings, Teux Deux, Tattly. You must check out this gorgeous and super smart infographic by Sarah of 'Note To Self' on Tina's talk. We got to tour the Martha offices, staring at the dear employees like viewing animals at the zoo in their natural habitat. I apologized and then gave them the half-smile look of 'sorry we're not sorry we're poking around in your office'. We then proceeded to their stunning rooftop for some mingling and champagne served by male models/actors..... this is New York after all.  

ParkerEtc_20120910_ALT SUMMIT NYC_3.jpg

Thanks to Bing, Martha Stewart and everyone who helped put Alt Summit NYC together. Let's do it again soon!