DIY Project :: Wood Wall

So, I've gotten it in my head that I would like to make a wood wall in our apartment. Cause, why not?

The outside of our bedroom, which actually used to be a recording studio, would be the perfect spot for this project. The room is made up of these three very thick walls that look like half of a hexagon or, as I like to imagine, a little cabin inside our loft. There's even a window on one side that allows us to peek into the back room.

Maybe it's the fall weather, maybe it's because we just returned from a weekend trip to a town of wood panelled homes or maybe I've been to Anthropologie too many times over the past few weeks..... but, I'm itching to make this project happen.

Parkeretc_DIY Pallet Wall_1.jpg

Here are the predicaments (cause there's always a party pooper to my magical DIY plans) ::

- We rent, we do not own (but have a lot of freedom to do whatever with the apartment)... so I'm thinking of measuring out the wood pieces and building the 'wall' on the floor first and attaching the pallets/planks together with simple fasteners then just leaning it against the wall and then attaching it a handful of places to the wall itself. This is to keep the number of holes put into the wall on the lower side.

- I live in Brooklyn. Where can I find clean and cheap wood pieces? I repeat.... clean! That is a hard thing to come by in the city. There's any number of scenarios of what could've happened to a piece of wood left on the streets of New York City. I advise you don't use your imagination. So where would this wood come from? 

- My 'backyard' comes in the form of a sidewalk that runs in front of our apartment. You'll likely find me out there spray painting (accidently graffiting the side of the building when the wind doesn't cooperate) varies objects. But, I'm not sure I can cut wood out there. Where/how do New Yorkers cut wood? 

As you can pick up, I'm at the amateur stages with this project. So I wanted to call upon you... my trusted, crafty and genius friends. Collectively as intelligent and creative folks, do we think I stand a chance of making this happen? Your advice, tricks, tips, hands-on help and knowledge are welcomed, and frankly, desperately needed!

Photos :: Here / Here / Here