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20120515_Bowery House_1.jpg

Raise your hand if you've ever walked by this street corner and been convinced that the building at 190 Bowery was abandoned..... (my hand is up). Maybe it's the graffiti covering the ground floor exterior (the Keith Haring used to do one-of-a-kind chalk works on the brick), or the trash that quickly accumulates outside or the general riff-raff that seems to gather there. But, it always seemed to radiate a little of that creepy vibe to me. 

Well guess what, it's not just a graffiti filled building waiting to be turned into luxury apartments. It's a six-story, 72-room, 35,000-square-foot family home..... and it's currently valued around a mere $40 Million. Yep, a family of three live there.... and that's all. Astonished? Yea, me too. Furious it wasn't your dad who bought the property for next-to-nothing back in the 70's? Yea, me too. I feel like they could spare one measly floor for us to live on.... some people just need to learn to share! 

20120515_Bowery House.jpg

Photos via :: NY Magazine