My Krrb + Apartment Therapy Wish List!

Flea markets are my heaven. Finding a great bargain, digging through bins of what others consider junk to find the gems and wandering through old thrift stores can all be described as my 'happy place'. New Yorkers move a lot, get tired of their things and throw a lot of stuff out.... and given it's New York... it's usually pretty legit stuff and hardly used. Since Krrb launched, it has been my go-to for neighborhood treasure hunting. And treasures I have found! 

If you're like me (see above) then you'll be off-your-rocker when you read about what Krrb and Apartment Therapy are up too. Head on over to their site for more details on how you can win $1000 shopping spree towards any of their vintage, designer, mid-century, contemporary and secondhand furniture for your home. Don't even get me started on the fact that Maxwell may even write an article about your picks on Apartment Therapy..... can we say 'top ten bucket list item of my life'? 

Be sure to check out the curated Pinterest board I did for them highlighting my picks if that $1000 big ones were to find their way into my wallet! I found everything from bar carts to industrial lights to old maps and even a vintage LV trunk.... my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. While over there, let's be sure we're friends on the good ol' Pinterest..... I tend to pin a lot of my DIY projects I do on furniture pieces and great second-hand finds if you are ever in need of inspiration. Find something you love on Krrb? Leave me a comment below with its link and I may just add it to my wish list!