Style Icon :: Nicole Richie

I know what your thinking. But let's just start by trying to forget she used to be friends with Paris and we've still never figured out exactly how she became famous. There are few people who can recover from such a fumble....but Nicole Richie has!

Nicole has been one of my favorite style icons for a number of years. I mean, we have to give it to the girl, she has made a serious 180 since her days on the farm milking cows on television for The Simple Life. I would still be embarrassed for her if she wasn't so crazy fabulous now. She's the queen of layering bangles, big sunglasses and all things boho chic. Her effortless combination of classic and vintage is always an inspiring look that I'll be replicating a lot this summer. Plus I heard she has 30 vintage Chanel bags....I either want to rob her or be her best friend. Let's also note she's married to a rock star, the mother to two adorable children, founded 'The Richie Madden Children's Foundation' and has launched her own highly successful jewelry and clothing line - House of Harlow & Winter Kate.  What did you do before the age of 30? While you're contemplating your life's accomplishments.....take a look at the gorgeous video she did for THAT Magazine and some shots of my favorite outfits below. 



Nicole Richie for THAT Magazine. from Starworks Artists on Vimeo.

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