Style Icon :: Lauren Santo Domingo


As the contributing editor at Vogue, you just automatically radiate style, glamour and some dang good taste in everything from gorgeous clothes to the perfect mix of modern and practical interior decor with ease. So basically everything that makes me want to be Lauren Santo Domingo!

When I saw the photos of her Flatiron apartment, I immediately started an 'I WANT' List:

 + Hot pink tree stub

 + A highly organized top drawer for jewelry and a closet for shoes (just like every other breathing female in NYC! Oh, and her shoe collection isn't too shabby either!)

 + Glass science beakers as decoration....or experiments

 + A giraffe's skull......there's obviously always a place for that in any room!

 + A leopard print top to wear with an adorable polka dot skirt

Overall, Lauren's loft has a sense of warmth, a place that has been lived in and not left to just appear as a stuffy museum......cause what's the point if you can't actually live in your own home! And I appreciate that her desk is in its natural organized chaos state that....when no one is looking....we all live in but try to briskly clean when others are around! The subtle mixes of animal print, pops of bright colors and gorgeous wood pieces make this home one of my favorites.


photos via: Vogue