Refinery 29 :: NYC's Most Stylish Hood

You may be asking yourself if those are ants on my dress. Glad you asked.... cause they are! And I say, why the heck not!

As I'm sure you've noticed, I have a deep love for this city and an even deeper love for my Brooklynhood - Prospect Heights. I'm currently in the running on Refinery 29 for 'NYC's Most Stylish Hood' and would love your amazing support. It's super simple to help a girl out..... here's how :: 

1: Go to Refinery 29

2: Click on the 'Popular' tab

3: Find me, 'Amy Anderson - Prospect Heights'

4: Click the heart with the number next to my name

5: Note, you will need to be signed into Facebook so they can register that you voted to help alleviate multiple votes from one person 

That's it. Easy peasy. Voting ends March 23rd. Tell your friends to tell their friends. THANK YOU!

You may also be asking what your vote is going towards? Well, I would win a FREE unlimited Metro Card for a year. In a New Yorker's world, that's the equivalent of pure gold. 


:: What I wore to represent my hood :: 

Dress (worn as a skirt) :: Charlotte Taylor(thanks to my fashion savvy mother-in-law for gifting it to me!)

Blouse :: F21

Shoes :: Old Navy (similar

Fur Stole :: H&M

Leather Jacket :: Urban Outfitters (similiar)

Bag :: LV

Photo :: E // Image :: Refinery 29