newborn diaper bag essentials

I’m a city mom, so when it comes to what’s in my diaper bag, you can bet I’m schlepping around everything and the kitchen sink. Mama’s have to be prepared for anything and everything and trust me…. anything and everything usually happens. Since I’m back in the newborn game, I figured it would be best to focus on my diaper bag essentials with a baby. They don’t require as much as say, a one year old, who requires food and more toys, but they also require more than a toddler, who really just needs a few basic things. This is my second time at this, so you can bet this is the best of the best and the only things required to survive. (Note: I’m a city mom, so some things may vary given where you live). Things I left off that you swear by? Leave them in the comment section below - would love to know!


DIAPER BAG: The one shown is my go-to during baby years. I also love this backpack option for when you’re on the go with a toddler and this is my favorite non-diaper bag that I use when I just want to carry something that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a mom’!

SKIP HOP CHANGER: Portable changing table that can be thrown in your diaper bag or around your wrist for easy use while you’re out and about. Also holds diapers and your wipes container.

TOTE SAVVY: Here’s the thing, diaper bags have a way of swallowing everything into a black hole and you’ll never find it, no matter how hard you dig through it! These inserts are brilliant and help you to keep things organized. I also love using mine in my non-diaper bags so I don’t always have to walk around with the whole huge kitchen sink.

DIAPERS: We are Honest Company loyal once they are out of the teeny tiny diapers that you change every twenty seconds. 

WIPES HOLDER: Can be used for diaper changes, food spills or when the baby drops her toy on the streets of Brooklyn and it needs to be wiped down.

SOOTHIES / NATURSUTTEN: Necessary for nap times and fussy times. Always have a few extra…. they have a way of disappearing like socks in the laundry or bobby pins.  

NURSING COVER: For feedings, but also can be used to cover the stroller seat as a blackout curtain during nap time.

ARM & HAMMER DIAPER BAGS: These things are life savers. Think doggie bags for diapers when you’re on the go.

SOPHIE: Obviously, this is a no brainer.

SOLLY WRAP: I throw this in during the early months for when she gets fussy and needs some help sleeping or just wants to be held close to you and not in the stroller. It’s easy to fold up so it won’t take up a ton of room.

CHANGE OF OUTFIT: Blowouts will happen, messes will be made. No one wants to have a naked baby around town because they weren’t prepared!

HAND SANITIZER: For me, I hold the subway pole and share the city elements with millions of other people. I basically bathe myself in sanitizers all.the.time.

BURP CLOTH: You will always pack this and they won't spit up. The one day you don't pack it..... they spit up all over your brand new Zara dress. Go figure. 

DIAPER CREAM: In case of sensitive skin or diaper rashes.

BLANKET: This can be an everything item. Great for the park, as a burp cloth, for warmth and so many other things.

COCONUT OIL: It's a cure all. Use it on diaper rash, as chapstick, on bug bites and dry skin. 

NURSING PADS: I never leaked with Parker, but that’s not the case this second time around. Keep these handy so you don’t end up walking around with two wet bullseyes on your shirts.

BANDANA BIBS: Some people I know, ahem… Sidney, like to spit up like an hour after eating. So it’s like a sneak attack. I keep these on just in case!

SUNSCREEN: Their little brand new skin is so sensitive. I put it on even well into some of the cooler months if we are going to be outside in direct sun. Gotta keep that skin fresh! 

newborn diaper bag essentials


WATER BOTTLE: Stay hydrated! Especially if you're nursing. Super important! 

LIPSTICK: It’s my go-to for feeling ‘put together’. So even if I have no makeup on, I can at least put on sunglasses (to cover my undereye circles) and throw on some lipstick and appear to be a functioning human. On that note….

SUNGLASSES: You’re basically sleeping in perpetual cycle of naps, so anything to conceal the evidence is a necessity.

JUSTIN’S: Since I’m nursing, these are a great healthy option when it’s snack time.

KEYS / PHONE / WALLET: Don’t be like me and nearly forget one of these absolute must-haves on a daily bases. It’s hard when you’re switching between your normal work day purse and the diaper bag back and forth!


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