Quality Over Quanitiy


I’m not really a new years goal setting kind of person. This year, I decided to focus, not on goals or looking back, but more on something that is more all encompassing. Something that I can apply to a facet of things in the upcoming year. Maybe this came about as a rebellion to the overwhelming feeling you get when baby things start to accumulate, but I’ll take inspiration wherever it may show its face. Call it a mantra, a yearly philosophy or some other hippie phrase, but it is the thing I want to be present and overarching in all of my decisions and daily interactions throughout the year.


“Quality over quantity”

It’s not a new saying. It’s not something I came up with on my own. It is, however, something I envision can seep into nearly every aspect of my life. I want to choose quality content to be posted on this blog and not just quantity. I’d rather one solid and well written post a week over three where I just throw up pictures and some cheeky text about winter jackets. I want to choose quality words in conversations. I no longer need to be the one that talks the most. Lately, I’ve been simplifying my wardrobe down to well-crafted and staple pieces over the disposable trendy options that require little appreciation. I only want to share quality pieces of information and images on social media. The excessiveness in which we just word vomit things for everyone to read is alarming. I want to be more intentional on where we purchase our food as to be more in-the-know on where it came from. The most convenient option isn’t always the best. I want to deepen and enrich the friendships I already have instead of just being an acquaintance to a larger circle of people. In the online world terms, this means I want to foster the community I already have instead of focusing so much on numbers. I want to stop and ask myself.... does this add value to my life/blog/marriage/friendships. My hope is that this will challenge me to be creative and disciplined with my decisions, actions and time. In sum, I want better instead of more.