Put Some Burlap On It :: A DIY Movement

Are you familiar with the Portlandia reference of 'put a bird on it'? Well, that's bascially how I feel about burlap. I'm sure that doesn't come as much of a surprise to y'all. 

Scenarios include :: Oh, that's a cool frame... maybe add some burlap and cork board for a jewelry holder. Table runner or hanging garland.... so much better in burlap. How about some burlap lining a basket or, better yet, gift wrap a bottle of wine in burlap. Ran out of napkin holders? Throw some burlap around those pesky napkins. 

So naturally when I had this old coffee canister and jar lying around with no home or real purpose in life..... I decided to throw some burlap on 'em and, voila, they have a new life with so much potential ahead! 

Burlap _ 1.jpg


- Burlap 

- Scissors

- Glue (confession :: the picture lies.... I ended up using a hot glue gun)

- Paint + Paint Brush

- Canister + Jar

- Letter Template

Burlap _ 2.jpg


- Measure and cut the burlap to fit around your canister or jar.

- Cut a template of your choice to paint on the burlap. Outline the template with a permanent marker onto the burlap.

- Paint in the outline on the burlap. Let dry. 

- Wrap the burlap around the canister and add hot glue to adhere the burlap together. 

- Hold in place with a clip and let dry. 

- Enjoy your new burlap enhanced item! 

Any other 'put some burlap on it' DIY ideas? Please share below! I have yards of this stuff laying around the apartment and need to use it!