One Scarf :: Five Ways


Exciting news on this post hurricane (ahem....tropical storm) Monday. A couple months back I was the winner of the Starbuck's 'What Do You Love' contest! I know.... muah, a winner of a contest?….. I was beyond flattered! The premise was simple --  showcase an article of clothing you love and all the ways you wear it. My choice was obvious..... my favorite red scarf is one of the most versatile things I own and it can be worn year round.

Here are my top 5 scarf wearing ways :::

1) Western Style - Fold in half to create a triangle and tie loosely behind your neck. This works with nearly every scarf that is a square shape.

2) Headband – Roll the scarf (thinner scarves work better), then starting from the back of your head/under your hair bring the ends of the scarf up to the top of your forehead and twist once (this is what creates that turban style look on the top) and wrap back around your head  then tie the scarf under your hair. (This photo also includes a Parker Etc necklace!)

3) Purse embellishment – Any scarf works for this, just tie in a knot or bow around the strap of your purse. Mixing patters and colors can add a little pizzazz and personal style to your handbag.

4) Belted - Fold a long scarf to the desired width and then tie it around your waist. I do this mostly with dresses.

5) Wrist wrap – Small silk scarves can also work as a bracelet. Adds a bit of street cred to an outfit if I do say so! (And I know, I know....I promised to re-introduce myself to an iron.....but that was after these photos were taken....swear!)

So, now I ask you my dear readers.....what do you love? What piece of clothing or accessory do you love to mix and match with a variety of outfits? Do share!

E and I are enjoying the Visa gift cards I received for my winnings! Cha-ching! Current debate is over what to spend this free money on. Clothes, shoes, home decor, groceries (the responsible thing to do) or save one for family x-mas shopping. Decisions decisions. Either way, we are super thankful to even be having to make such decisions. Thanks Starbucks!