My Irene Essentials + Week(end) Roll Call


Being a New Yorker, I'm pretty '


' towards most large scale productions...celebrity sittings, earthquakes and so on. Hurricanes included. So when talk started of this fiery pistol Irene coming through the borough......I decided I may need to stock up on a few essentials to be sure I'm prepared.



- my favorite, and classiest, boxed wine. Yes there are 4 there......all 4 will be necessary if the water gets shut off. Don't judge.



legendary September issue - if I read slowly and savor each page..... it will last me all weekend.



swimsuit - never know if things will get a little flooded.



candle - to supplement power outages and mildew smells.



- hours can be spent trying to beat King Bowser and the games music keeps spirits up.



wellies - I'd rather my skin not touch any standing water. This


New York people.


Arm floaties


Slip 'n Slide

- these could be essential in the case of an evacuation.


Rain poncho

- nothing says 'I'm prepared' like a florescent rain poncho.


Here's the week in review:


Florence + The Machine

isn't scheduled to release her new album until Nov. 7th, but thank goodness for some sneak peaks. The video for '

What The Water Gave Me

' was released this week and now I can not wait to hear the album in full.

 - Our friend


over at

Falling Whistles

has been keeping busy. Besides their continuing campaign for peace in the Congo, they were out at PROJECT in Las Vegas debuting their latest endeavor.....a

tshirt line


- You'll be glad to know that

Zach Williams and The Bellow

have hit their


goal of $20K with 7 days to go! Keep supporting good music!

- Forbes announced the

World’s 100 Most Powerful Women

. You'll find the usual list makers like Oprah and Angelina Jolie, but also other power houses like Walmart heiress Alice Walton and Twitter’s Katie Jacobs Stanton.

- Cleats are not just for the fields and fairways anymore.....


has put their own spin on them for the street style version. If you fancy, I could see a potential DIY in the future.

- I would rather be spending this eventful weekend in this

modern barn house

than duck taping X's on my windows.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Please share any exciting Irene stories or essentials you are stocking up on for the weekend!