My Dream Project :: Fishs Eddy

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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the lovely ladies over at Fishs Eddy to stop by and help with an in-store display they were putting together for their Vintage Collection. Since they are literally one of my favorite stores of all time on planet Earth.... I may have over eagerly committed my entire schedule and possibly my first born for whatever it was they wanted. On any given Saturday afternoon, you’re likely to find me in their digging through the sale section for one-of-a-kind dish finds or scouring boxes of old knick knacks they collect and display effortlessly. When E and I got married, they had yet to set up their gift registry options and I personally made my own online registry just for all my Fishs Eddy needs. This is a serious love affair y’all. 

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Along with Grace and Maxwell of Design Sponge, Todd Oldham, Nancy Matsumoto and Susan Brinson, we were set free to roam and raid the store to create our very own unique table setting out of both their vintage tableware and also anything we could snatch up. Fishs Eddy has more than enough to inspire anyone from conventional to quirky, traditional to odd and everything in between. The goal was to display the table settings to help inspire customers to not be scared to mix and match and dress up their own table in any way they please. Which, as you know, I’m one for unconventional table settings and mismatched decoration.... so this was pretty much my dream. Could I do this all day, every day? You betchya.  

If you are also a lover of dishes, vintage table ware, rustic decor and fun accent pieces in your kitchen.... be sure to visit the store here in the city or pop onto their website and be ready to hand over your entire paycheck. 

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