Lustworthy Home :: Marie Olsson Nylander


Prepare yourself.......this is quite possibly the home of my dreams. Yes, dreams. I try not to give to much attention to the fact that it is currently occupied by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, her husband and three children. I'm almost certain it will be on the market soon [day dreaming]....and I swear, the Swedish have the best way of putting together the rustic chic look. Marie herself seems to just radiate cool and effortless style.....please note the yellow overalls displayed below......that's courage....and yet, I would say she makes even yellow overalls look cool!


Noteworthy features:

1) Whiteout walls and floors - it's practically a blank canvas

2) The spiral staircase that might as well lead to heaven

3) A great use of strong and subtle colors for furniture and decor

4) An adorable chandelier made of notes and pictures

5) Three words : the. blue. island.


I'm officially in love! What is your favorite part/piece in the home?

Photos via: The Vjmporium, Residence