Love The Design :: I Love You

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The term 'industrial chic' is like a savvy pick up line when used on me. "Oh, that reclaimed wood bench is so industrial chic, well well.... it may just need to come home with me tonight." Next thing you know, I've confessed my love and am in a committed relationship with 20 industrial chic apple crates. This is just the beginning people. 

Feast your eyes on Love The Design, a shop opened in Toronto by artist and designer Christine Flynn. The entire place is a combination of photography, art, stationary and, of course, all the 1920's industrial vintage furniture you can imagine. The boutique was a life long dream of Christine's to open, and I'd like to tell her Thank You.... you're living my dream of getting to curate amazing vintage furniture as your job. Dreams do come true. 

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Photos via :: Love The Design