Katy Smails :: Illustrations


Recently, I came across these tragically romantic and girly illustrations from Katy (or KT) Smail. She creates all these elegant and fragile fairytales that kind of have this magical feel to them.... don't you agree? 

KT grew up in Scotland and now lives in my hood here in Brooklyn. She does all the photos and illustrations on her own.... of course she couldn't be good at just one thing! She credits her inspiration sources as Nabokov, great love stories, wistful girls in petticoats and furs, Charles Anastase, Victorian botanical illustrations, Lula magazine, woodland animals, The Belles of the Black Diamond Field, tragic heroines, Yelena Yemchuk, lonliness and longing, Rodarte, Egon Schiele, sequins, Tim Walker and dusty books. Don't we all?! 

I'd love to have a few of these dreamy prints up in our apartment. Conversation starters for sure.