Join The Surprise Party!!!

One of my favorite things about blogging, besides being my creative outlet for pretty things, is that it has allowed me to meet and discover other wonderful and talented bloggers and designers. 

A couple of those amazingly talented fellow bloggers include Megan of The Fresh Exchange and Katie of The Pink and Blue Blog, who were so very kind to invite me to participate in their 'Surprise Party' to bring the blogging community together to announce their new project - Blog Brunch.

Forty bloggers were asked to submit a post themed around a 'Surprise Party'.... it could be an outfit, food, decoration, tablescape, DIY project..... anything really. I'm excited to see what everyone else submitted!

So head over to The Pink and Blue Blog to see my post in the mix and the others are posted at The Fresh Exchange. There are prizes to be won, fun posts to read and a lot more info on the 'Blog Brunch'!!!!

BIG CONGRATS to Katie and Megan who have worked extremely hard on this new project. It's going to be so great for the blogging community and I hope you follow along with their blogs and join us for the first Blog Brunch on Oct 1st.