It's Official :: I'm a New Yorker


When monumental moments in life happen, one needs to take some time to reflect on it a little. I'd say this is one of them. Plus, the ordeal it took to even obtain this small piece of flimsy plastic is worth a gold medal alone. Throw in a side of name changing and this seemingly simple process turns into a full-fledged circus act... (if you live in New York, you know how this story plays out all too well).

People often ask, 'When do you know you've become a New Yorker?' Some will say it's about the years you've been here.... I hear the magical number is 7.... or maybe it's 10. After the obvious answers of ...'when you know better than to get on an empty subway car' and 'when you'll steal a cab from someone you know obviously needs it more than you' and before you get to the point of... 'I remember back when that coffee shop was a liquor store before it was a bodega' story times...... you get a driver's license! And ladies and gentlemen.... I did just that. Don't worry about the fact that I haven't actually operated a motor vehicle in the better part of five years. Minor details. 

Gone are the days of reluctantly handing my license to a bouncer only to have him look at me, look at the license, roll his eyes and assume it's a fake. Likely because he's never even heard of Iowa before. Now the only reaction I'm likely to get out of a bouncer is a mutual New Yorker understanding of a 'deer in headlights' license picture. Nevermind the fact the eye exam is a piece of notebook paper scotch taped to an angled wall in the DMV, the woman taking the pictures likes the 'scare factor'.... I think it's her power move. And it worked. 

Happy two-year and one month anniversary E..... I officially got one step closer to a full name change!