Happy Father's Day to Clintdawg

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 I wanted to take this day and dedicate a post to my dad. Some know him as my dad, some know him as Parker (his childhood name), but most others know him simply as Clintdawg...the name that was given to him by my friends in high school and it stuck around through the years. It's funny when you realize the moment you stop looking at your parents as parents and begin to see them as people....real people....who have sacrificed a lot for you and the feeling of gratitude starts to overwhelm you. 

I get it, every girl thinks they have the best dad in the world.....but no, really.....my dad is the greatest dad there had ever been. Period. When he was younger my dad was a drummer in a band for a number of years and traveled around in a bus. I obviously inherited his love of music and he's recently even parted with a portion of his extensive vinyl collection and let it come live at our apartment. In fact, the way it got to our apartment was because he drove....yes drove....from Iowa to Brooklyn with a U-Haul of family heirlooms for our new home. We sat around that night after unpacking it all and drank wine while he told us the family history of each of the pieces of furniture. 

He has been my biggest cheerleader my entire life. He has always challenged me to try everything possible.....he used to sign me up for literally every summer camp just to be sure I could experience new things from horse camp to cheerleading camp to science center camp. He motivated me to pack up my bags and see the world as much as possible, to live overseas, to live in new cities and to never settle for the comfortable and easy option. He used to drive me around to every sporting event I had and never missed a tournament, meet or competition. He was the president of any parent organization possible at each of my schools growing up.....he most likely got that from my grandpa who volunteered at my elementary school just so he could be around my sister and I every day. He will travel the world to spend a holiday with me, wherever I may be that year. He's where I get my sarcasm and witty banter, my love of making lists and my ability to enjoy a good glass (or three) of wine really anytime of the day. He's the most devoted, encouraging and loving father. He's a huge reason I turned out to be the relatively normal and acclimated adult I am today. 

After walking both my sister and I down the aisle last year, next weekend it will be my dad's turn to stand at the other end of that aisle. We are jumping on an Amtrak down to Washington, DC on Thursday to celebrate my father and his amazing fiance Amy as they get married! We could not be more thrilled for them! It brings my heart so much joy to have Amy in my father's life. If the spurts of waterfalls during the writing of this post is any indication of what's to come next weekend.....I'm going to be a crying mess at the wedding! 

So here is to my father, his years of putting up with me, his devotion and heart to giving me the best possibilities and experiences in my life and for constantly supporting me through everything. 

I love you Dad! 

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