Happy 1st Blogiversary !!!

It seems to be the trend to throw yourself a party of sorts, or call out the marching band and baton twirlers, when your little child blog turns one. After a lot of brainstorming, some phone calls to a few circus acts and caterers..... I've decided to throw out the party and just take you on a trip down memory lane. 

For those of you who'd like in on a little secret, I actually blogged for a whole month privately before I let the site go live. It's my biggest piece of advice for new bloggers. It allows you to really find your writing voice, decide how you want posts to look and build up your site history before inviting people over. So this reminded me that, unless you've ventured into the black hole of my blog, a lot of you have probably never seen my very first post...... and it's high time you did! 

Without further adieu...... I give you...... my very first blog post ---> 



No better time for starting something new than Spring.

We spent our annual Easter brunch with our NY family at 'Gun Club.'

First day the legs came out sans tights this year!  Great excuse to wear my darling gifted skirt courtesy of Leslie at Lulu Grace Vintage!  Also loving the DIY hardware store necklace idea from PS I Made This!

Hope this blogging thing comes naturally... stay tuned.



It was quite a short and sweet little post, wouldn't you say?! A fancy iPhone photo and some great little clip art style pictures of my shoes and hardware necklace! Such an example of 'work what your mama gave you' moment. Proud to see where I've grown with my blog both creatively and visually in the past 365 days. Thank you from the depths of my heart for being a part of this venture with me, hope we have years and years to come together. Obviously couldn't do it without y'all, or honestly, I would still just be blogging to myself and my dad.... (Hi Dad!).