Hair Trend :: Braids Of Glory

Braids are all the rage, and why not, when it's scalding hot outside who wants their hair down? Not this gal! Every summer I'm continually impressed with all the new styles and techniques for the braid. Fishtail, side braid, the Heidi braid, figure 8's along the the crown and the whole nine yards seem to be making their way into the daily braid this summer.


1] Erin Fetherston is flawless always. This braid is perfect with her bangs and even has a piece of fabric woven in for added pizzazz.

2] Blake Lively is my kind of girl with this braid. How easy and simple is hair-tie needed, just side swoop hair and braid until you don't feel like it anymore!

3] I have come to the conclusion that I would need a third arm to successfully re-create any those braids in my hair.

I have to keep my braiding skills in perspective. I no longer have two hair crafty female roommates....I have a husband.... who looked at me like I had three eyes when I asked if he knew how to braid (to my credit, he has two younger sisters....that was not a stretch of the imagination to ask that!) So for now, I have to settle with my simpler braid configurations. But I still love experimenting!

Please share your current braid techniques, what are your summer favorites right now?....I'd love to learn!



Photos via: Erin Fetherston, Blake Lively, # 3 Mix