Gather Round :: 02

Welcome to the second installment of the 'Gather Round' series entitled, 'The Fur That Keeps On Giving'

I've been lucky to work with some really stellar women in my industry. Over the years, we have spread out to grow in different companies, yet we just can't get rid of each other. Probably a good thing considering these ladies are extremely inspiring and ridiculously funny. Last week, I seized the opportunity to have them all over for a dinner and a good quality catch up and gabfest. My hope is we are still doing this in 20 years when we are all presidents of successful powerhouse entertainment companies! At least then, it won't be dinners, but trips to Bali we take together. (No really, if any of you become wildly rich.... I have first dibs on a trip to Bali.)


The night was full of the usual laughter, updates on life, family and projects.... then just when you think it's time for desert.... it quickly turns into a fur fashion show! And who can resist.......


(Sadly, we are missing one....Shira jetted out early and missed the fur photoshoot)

We feasted like kings :: zesty seasoned turkey, beet salad, roasted cauliflower, broccoli rabe, yam fries and vegan veggie soup (recipe post coming soon!) and champagne. 

Big thanks to my amazingly talented and passionate guest photographer :: Esther Havens !!