Gather Round :: 01

Welcome to my first ‘Gather Round’ post. These posts are intended to invite you into our casual dinner parties where we gather a few friends, old and new, around our table for a meal. As you’ve probably read a few times already, nothing brings me more joy than setting a dinner table, hosting friends, enjoying wine and having great conversation. I have an affinity for the good ol’dinner table and all that it can encompass. There really is nothing better.

These posts are also to introduce you to some amazing people that we are lucky to call friends and who continually inspire us as they are live out their passions and dreams.

We had a few friends in town last Saturday, so we decided it was the perfect night to have our first group over. The menu – like the decor and overall approach- is always simple and aimed to focus more on the content of a communal gathering than the glitz. My motto is that no one leaves talking about your plate chargers and glassware, but they will leave with a sense of renewal from an intentional conversation and genuine hospitality.


Meet the inaugural Gather Round crew:

Shuffle :: By day she can be found rocking Broadway Dance Center; by night, she listens to anything with a harmonica probably while watching Footloose and eating something sweet.

Chris :: An art director/ designer at Melville House Publishing, he’s my go-to for all things books and recently became our Brooklyn neighbor!

Leighton :: Thrilled to have him in town from Atlanta where he’s the graphic designer for Six Step Records. The first time we met was when he walked in the door for dinner and we were happy to welcome him! Yea for friends-of-friends!

Jeff :: As a freelance designer, Jeff makes truly breathtaking work. From his tribute to Sunday Ibok to his amazing lettering and branding..... I'm continually looking to his work for new creative ideas.

Kelsey :: An editorial and fashion photographer residing in Dallas, she’s been a friend of ours for a number of years. Her most recent visit was to do another shoot for Pinhole Press..... how cool, right! We love that she gets to visit often!

Dana :: Standing in front of one of her own creations! She is a graphic designer and the talent behind the resurgence of chalk art .... she has taken the world by storm this year. We are super proud of her. Oh, and the wine bottle label below is one of her designs as well. Fancy, yea!

Jamie :: A designer at Switch Creative and the lead singer of The Beaten Sea… talk about following all your passions.

Ryan :: An illustrator who's blog, Line By Line, is extremely powerful and will ultimately humble you. His entry earlier this month titled 'Survivors' still moves me.

Me + E :: Hosts!

The meal was fresh and seasonal ::

Cranberry and walnut salad with vinaigrette dressing, baked turkey breast, broccoli casserole, fresh baguette, butternut squash ravioli, homemade chocolate confetti cupcakes (from Dana!) with a cheese and hummus plate as appetizers. Yum yum.

The night was filled with meeting a new friend, welcoming a few to the city for the week and reconnecting with ones we don't get to see as often. We caught up on life, work, family, trips and shared a lot of laughs. Something magical really does happen when you gather round a table for a meal.

Looking forward to sharing more of these dinners with you!