Food Trucks + Street Fairs

For those unfamiliar, meet the 'Food Truck'.....really it's just a step up from your typical city food cart or lemonade stand, but somehow the four walls and wheels make you feel a little more comfortable with the production and presentation of the food you are about to consume. For example, I won't eat from a food cart.....but I'll eat from a food truck! In recent years, the food truck has become super hip and chic in cities everywhere - Austin, Portland, LA & NYC. Plus, there's a game involved with them's like hide-and-go-seek. Food trucks travel the you never quite know where they will be on a given day. Most can be tracked on Twitter where they will notify followers of their current location. But I find that cheating. There's nothing like the surprise of walking around the corner and....hooray....Pinkberry's food truck is on your street today! (Disclaimer: Pinkberry doesn't have a truck....but a girl can wish, right.)

Currently, Prospect Park is having a 'Food Truck Rally' where the best of the best food trucks park at Grand Army Plaza on the third Sunday of every month thru October. Everyone from Mud Coffee, Rickshaw Dumplings, Red Hook Lobster and Cupcake Stop, just to name a few, were all there yesterday.

600Truck Grid.jpg

The rest of our Sunday included a walk around our neighborhood to the park, the Brooklyn Museum and the surprise discovery of the longest street market down 7th we've ever found! Seriously think it spanned 20 blocks of Park Slope. I'm a sucker for a good street fair, so we ended the day walking a total of 5 miles. Love the city, its constant surprises and the summer scenery.