DIY :: Turquoise Stone Necklace

parkeretc _ diy turquoise stone necklace_ 1.jpg

I know what your thinking. This necklace is far too small and dainty for my liking. As a girl who is aware of her eye for large and over-the-top jewelry, I would agree with you. But there is something about the changing of the seasons, the crisp fall air and colorful sunsets that brings me back to a place of simplicity. Granted, this vibe may only last a week, but ya know... I'll just go with it! 

Recently, the idea of a simple chain necklace has been catching my eye. To not only wear on it's own, but to layer with other chain necklaces with chunky sweaters and t-shirts. I've seen a variety with small stones on them and figured that was one easy as pie DIY. And trust me, it's pretty darn simple. 

parkeretc_ diy stone necklace_2.jpg


- chain


jump rings

- eye pin

- clasp

- stone 

parkeretc _ diy turquoise stone necklace_ final.jpg


- Wrap and measure out the chain around your neck to the desired length. Cut the chain. 

- Attach the clasp to one end of the chain and a jump ring to the other. This will be the closure to your necklace.

- Put the eye pin through the stone and, using the pliers, curve the end in a circle to match the other side. This is tricky at times, but watch this video to get some pointers. 

- Attach a jump ring to both ends. 

- Find the center of the chain and cut with the pliers to create two ends. Attach the jump rings to the ends of each chain end and then to the eye pins on the stone. 

- You have now completed your very own simple fall stone necklace. Proceed to wear with everything!